Jurassic Run 5K Course

This course is set to start and end in the George S Eccles Ogden Dinosaur Park. The course starts under the legs of the Brontosaurs and runs out of the park up first on the Ogden River Trail then back down doing a loop around Big D Park and back. The last of the distance is inside the Dinosaur Park with realistic dinosaurs stand over you. We plan to have a few surprises on the course from dino heads that may pop out at you from the bushes to a realistic dino that may chase you. This should make your running time go faster!  This is designed to be fun but may be a little scary. If you have youth who may be afraid let us know so we can tone it down for their race.





Aid Stations

Drink Stations will be at the turn around and the finish. They will have water powerade and other items like dinosaurs.

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